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A note regarding authorship of journal papers from the Euclid Collaboration

The author list of papers from the Euclid Collaboration follows the guidelines in the Publication Policy Document of the Euclid Consortium (EC). With the exception of 'Flagship papers', which will contain the most central results from the mission and for which the author list will be strictly alphabetical, all other publications will show tiers of authors. The first of such tiers consists of those people who worked directly on, and wrote the paper. The ordering of lead authors is decided by lead authors themselves. Then, following this group of lead authors are one or more alphabetically ordered tiers of authors who are eligible for authorship because of their multi-year contribution to the Euclid project: starting with the Founders and Builders; followed by people with more than an equivalent 4-year work for the project; people with more than an equivalent 2-year work for the project; and possibly a tier with other authors who helped to improve the manuscript (e.g., internal reviewers). For so-called 'Key Project papers', the author list is preceded by 'Euclid Collaboration:', so that a correct citation reads: 'Euclid Collaboration: First_Author et al. 20XX'. (Please note the colon.) To cite EC papers correctly, please note that to obtain this output, one may have to edit by hand the automated BibTeX entry obtained from databases like ADS or INSPIRE.

All authors have to explicitly opt-in, confirming that they read the paper and agree with its contents. All EC papers undergo internal reviewing by at least one EC member, and all EC members are invited to comment on a paper via a web interface. The internal reviewing is managed by the EC Editorial Board.

According to the policy of the Euclid Consortium, the acknowledgement text in publications should be kept as short as possible. In particular, only lead authors are permitted to list their specific funding sources.

The Euclid Consortium provides a BibTeX file of EC Publications. In the publication list below, the string inside square brackets refers to the corresponding entry in the BibTeX file. Missing square brackets indicate that no match in the BibTex file has been found yet. In this case, please come back later for an updated BibTeX file.

Coordinated Release "Euclid on Sky," May 2024All papers have been submitted to Astronomy and Astrophysics for release in a special issue.
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